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3 Tips When Choosing A Vanity

"We’d lived in our house for just over two years before we started the remodel of our upstairs bathroom. Why the delay? Well, things happen (like our furnace breaking down during the Great Boston Winter of 2015). But it also turns out that it’s really tough to find the right bathroom vanity. Part of our problem was size: we live in a historic home, which we adore, but which isn’t built to modern McMansion proportions. And because there’s no master bath, I knew I wanted a double-sink vanity. If one bathroom is going to serve me and my husband, weekend guests, and future children, I wanted it to have two sinks." 

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Bathroom Remodeling Considerations

"More than any other room in your house, a bathroom combines intense usage needs with tight space constraints. This makes it a tough room to remodel. Analysis paralysis can set in when you’re just thinking about cosmetic features like tile and paint. But that’s just the fun stuff. Where will the shower go? The toilet? The sink (or sinks)? All the lights – and the ventilation fan? And don’t forget outlets for those electric shavers and hair-dryers!"

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